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RebelRacer`s Track Sounds for Grand Prix Legends (GPL)

Adds sounds of the track announcer and audience to the following tracks.

36 Track Sounds by RebelRacer34.7 MB

Unpack the respective sound archive into your GPL track in the "tracks" folder of your GPL installation (...\SIERRA\gpl\tracks\...). In case something goes wrong, it's best to make a copy of the respective track folder before doing so..

The "RebelRacer_Track_Sounds" archive contains the following tracks Sound Archives:

  • brands_hatch_sound_add-on
  • bugatti_balue_sound_add-on
  • bugatti_sound_add-on
  • clermont_sound_add-on
  • east_london_sound_add-on
  • east_london_with_brakemarkers_sound_add-on
  • goodwood_sound_add-on
  • imola_sound_add-on
  • jarama_sound_add-on
  • kyalami_klas_sound_add-on
  • kyalami_lo67_sound_add-on
  • kyalami_sound_add-on
  • lemans_sarthe_normal_fix_sound_add-on
  • lemans_sarthe_sound_add-on
  • mexico_lo67_sound_add-on
  • mexico_sound_add-on
  • monza_sound_add-on
  • monza_very_small_addon_for_monza_in_a_dat_sound_add-on
  • mosport_klas_sound_add-on
  • mosport_sound_add-on
  • nurburg_drawfixV2_sound_add-on
  • nurburgring_sound_add-on
  • reims_lite_sound_add-on
  • reims_sound_add-on
  • rouen_sound_add-on
  • silverstone_sound_add-on
  • silverstone_valex_sound_add-on
  • spa_sound_add-on
  • syracuse_sound_add-on
  • watkins_glen_rock_lobster_sound_add-on
  • watkins_glen_sound_add-on
  • wetmosport_sound_add-on
  • wetnurburgring_sound_add-on
  • wetspa_sound_add-on
  • zandvoort_67_SW_sound_add-on
  • zandvoort_sound_add-on


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