Grand Prix Legends (GPL) 2004 Demo

If you are not sure whether GPL is fun for you or if you don't have a GPL CD, you can also use the GPL 2004 Demo to play GPL. The GPL 2004 Demo includes the Watkins Glen track including graphics updates, all GPLEA car updates, Ducwolf's sound updates and is patched with the latest official patch version, as well as Nigel Pattinson's Carsound patch.

Download and install the GPL 2004 Demo (82.6 MB):

82.6 MB

Alternative download link at SRMZ:

Download and install Nigel Pattinson's Rasterisers v2.5:

Run the "gplrast_v2.5.exe" and select the path to your 2004 Demo folder.
Go to your 2004 Demo folder and find the "app.ini", open it with Notepad, change "rd3d7v2.dll" to "roglv2.dll" and save. This step is optional. It changes the 3D rasteriser that the game will use.

Tip: The OpenGL v2 Rasteriser ("roglv2.dll") usually delivers better results than the Direct3D v2 Rasteriser ("rd3d7v2.dll"). But on some systems OpenGL v2 does not work with GPL, so you have to use Direct3D v2. Try out what works best on your system.

Download and install the 1967 Update Patch for GPL (67 Patch v1.3 / GPL 1.3 Community Patch):

Important: To use the GPL 2004 Demo with GEM+ and Mods you have to create a new folder "exports" in
(X:\...\SIERRA\gpl) -> (X:\...\SIERRA\gpl\exports).

Then you have a fully functional GPL installation with the Watkins Glen track and all seven cars. The other ten tracks of the CD are missing. But you can use hundreds of tracks available from the GPL Alternative Track Database (GPLTD):
You can also install all GPL Mods.

Extract of the Readme:

GPL 2004 Demo Contents & Credits:

  • Correctly updated with all the patches available from Papyrus
  • Restructured Readme-files for easier access to all info
  • Edited core.ini (Force Feedback, D3D, OpenGL and more...)
  • GPL is preset to start in D3D instead of software mode
  • OpenGL patch by WiHerr
  • GPL Glance by Mauritz Lindqvist
  • Autostartup script for GPL Glance by Magnus Thomé

Cars by GPLEA:

  • Mirror update by Björn
  • Smoke and spark addon by Jay Beckwith
  • Teamfix by Nigel Pattinson
  • Team screens with GPLEA cars by Steve Banks and Janos Zizics
  • Team screen Honda and Cooper badges by Bruce Johnson
  • Car sound patch by Nigel Pattinson
  • Engine sounds by Wolfgang Buthe
  • Wind sound with gear whine by Tom Pabst
  • Skid sound by M Lindqvist

Watkins Glen updates:

  • 16bit textures by Berca
  • Sky by Simon Stobbart
  • Signs by Jim Erickson
  • Corner workers with flags by Sevekeve and Keeper

Thanks to SV3000 for drafting the GPL 2004 Demo guide.


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