Online races with Grand Prix Legends

Online races are possible at GPL with up to 20 drivers, using the programs

iGOR (interactive GPL Online Racing) for GPL Mods & original GPL 1967


WinVROC (Virtual Racers' Online Connection) for original GPL 1967

GPL Weekly racing calendar:

GPL Online Racing Leagues: Racing League for GPL Mods in German/English

More online racing leagues can be found at GPL Links (see GPL On-line Leagues).

GPLSecrets (GEM+, iGOR, GPL Setup Manager)

GPLSecrets (GEM+, iGOR, GPL Setup Manager):  
Get the latest version of the GPL Setup Manager here:

With GEM+ you can easily adjust GPL settings like sound, layout, graphics, seasons, tracks, etc. outside of GPL. In addition GEM+ patches GPL with the physics of the mods, i.e. without GEM+ you cannot drive GPL mods.
With iGOR you can join GPL online races with up to 20 drivers.
With GPL Setup Manager you can create and modify setups outside of GPL.

  • Do not install GPLSecrets into your GPL installation!
  • You need GEM+ 2.5.32 or higher to run GPL mods!
  • For GEM+ indexing needs to be activated (Windows default setting), because GEM+ needs to access the GPL player profiles!

To show the iGOR racelist you have to enter the new IP. To do this, you must edit the iGOR.ini. Exit iGOR before editing! iGOR must not run while you are editing the iGOR.ini! Because on exit, iGOR updates iGOR.ini with any changes made during runtime, so if you edit it whilst iGOR is running, you'll lose those changes!

Go to the folder
(…\Program Files\GPLSecrets\iGOR\...)

and edit the iGOR.ini file.
Change the old IP to:

[ RaceListServers ]
IP =

Now you should see the iGOR Racelist with all available servers for online races.
If the iGOR Racelist does not appear, restart your PC.

Tip: In your GPLSecrets installation, see (....\GPLSecrets\iGOR\docs\...) for instructions on IGOR as HTML files.

Bandwidth Patch (for online races)

The Bandwidth Patch is not required when using the GPLPS GPL Installer!

Many GPL servers require the Bandwidth Patch to participate in online races.

The Bandwidth Patch
increases the number of visible vehicles in front of and behind the car during online races. It also allows the server to combine any number of vehicles instead of the standard 75% / 25% distribution. It is a requirement for many servers to participate in online races.

Note: The GPLPS GPL Installer as well as the All-In-One Patch Version 2 already includes the Carsound and Bandwidth Patch!

Installation: Copy the Bandwidth Patch into the GPL directory (X:\...\SIERRA\gpl) and execute it, at patch status type 1 and press ENTER, then type x to exit and press ENTER.

The core.ini of GPL (X:\...\Sierra\gpl\core.ini) should contain the following entries:

[ Communications ]

alternate_ip_addr_lookup=1              ; Find IP addresses another way
                                                          0 = No alternate lookup *  1 = Use alternate way
bcast_augment_status=0                   ; Prepend status with IP address?
bcast_listserv=                                  ; IP address of race list server
bcast_listserv_req=                           ; Empty string, or start with '?'
bcast_listserv_req_freq=10.000000     ; Request race list frequency
bcast_ping_disable=0                         ; Disable response to pings
bcast_ping_port=0                             ; Ping port number (0=default)
bcast_port=0                                     ; Broadcast port number (0=default)
bcast_recv_disable=0                         ; Disable broadcast reception
bcast_send_disable=0                        ; Disable sending broadcasts
bcast_send_freq=4.000000                 ; Broadcast frequency (seconds)
clock_adj_delay=8                             ; How often may client adjust clock?
                                                           Only used when synch_method = 0 (see [ Tasks ]) original=4  in version 1.1 
disable_ipx=0                                     ; Disable IPX support
disable_modem=0                              ; Don't look for/use modems
disable_network=0                              ; Disable network support
disable_tcp_ip=0                                 ; Disable TCP/IP support
ignore_net_read_errors=1                   ; Don't disco if error reading pkt
ignore_net_send_errors=1                   ; Don't disco if error sending pkt
ip_addr_lookup_timeout=2                   ; Timeout to find own IP address. Default = 2 sec.
log_server_comm_errors=0                  ; Log errors for client channels?
log_server_connect_status=0                 ; Issue messages as clients connect
mem_client_send_every=3                    ; Client packet freq via memory
mem_client_send_size=84                     ; Client packet size via memory
mem_server_send_every=3                  ; Server packet freq via memory
mem_server_send_size=384                 ; Server packet size via memory
net_lan_client_send_every=3                ; Client packet freq on LAN
net_lan_client_send_size=84                 ; Client packet size on LAN
net_lan_server_send_every=3               ; Server packet freq on LAN
net_lan_server_send_size=384              ; Server packet size on LAN
net_mdm_client_send_every=3              ; Client packet freq on dialup
net_mdm_client_send_size=84               ; Client packet size on dialup
net_mdm_server_send_every=3             ; Server packet freq on dialup
net_mdm_server_send_size=384            ; Server packet size on dialup

net_server_port=0                                  ; Server port number (0 = default)
net_use_mdm_bandwidth_for_tcp_ip=1    ; Use modem bandwidthfor TCP/IP - 1 = Use net_mdm_ settings *
;net_use_mdm_bandwidth_for_tcp_ip=0   ; Use modem bandwidthfor IPX    - 0 = Use net_lan_ settings

show_meters = 0      ; 0 = Off *  1 = On    Alt-m to toggle

How to behave correctly in GPL online races?

GPL Recommended Driver Behaviour

The workings of GPL online by Bart Westra

How to change the Online Chat (& Replay) font size at GPL?

If you play GPL with a higher resolution (1024x768, 1280x1024, 1600x1200, 1920x1080) it's hard to read the chat messages online while driving because the font gets very small.
This patch allows to adjust the chat font size to the resolution.
Also the replay font size will be adjusted.

Chat Font by Wilf Tonsmann (font sizes: 12, 14, 16, 18)29 KB


iGOR Smilie List

Below you will find a list of all smilies in the iGOR chat.

iGOR Smilie List72 KB

Track.ini 1x1 Wide Server Grids Collection by SR

track.ini 1x1 wide server grids collection by SR
(for 234 tracks)
1.2 MB

These are 1x1 staggered wide grids for Grand Prix Legends server for safer starts at online races.
Clients do not need to install wide grids!

It was created by using the freeware OnlineGridTool by John Smith.
You can download this tool at
(alternative download at


Just unpack the wide grids on your server to your GPL track folder ( ...\SIERRA\gpl\tracks ).
To unpack a 7-zip (.7z) file you can use the freeware 7-zip ( ).
The package includes a "Track_Backup" file (which was created by the OnlineGridTool)
for most of the original "track.inis", just in case you want to go back to the original grid.
To be on the safe side make a backup of your track.ini (or your complete track folder) before you
unpack to your GPL track folder.


A GPL server reads mod specific "track.inis" (if there are any) before it reads the track.ini.

With new mod patches, new car mods and also with new tracks
mod specific "track.inis" get stored in the track folders, e.g.

To prevent the server from using a "mod.ini" instead of the modified 1x1 "track.ini" (created with the OnlineGridTool) it is recommended to rename them so that the GPL server can`t read them anymore,
e.g. with an underscore before:

Instead of renaming you can of course also delte the "mod.ini" files if you are sure that you will not need them anymore.

Happy online racing!

GPL/ iGOR Ports and Firewalls

General listings of the ports:

Port 113 (TCP/incoming) - not essential
Port 6970 (UDP/outgoing)
Port 6971 (UDP/incoming)
Port 6667 (TCP/outgoing)
Port 30196 (TCP/incoming)
Port 30196 (TCP/outgoing)
Port 30197 (TCP/outgoing)
Port 30198 (TCP/incoming)
Port 30198 (TCP/outgoing)
Port 30199 (UDP/outgoing)
Ports 32766-32786 (UDP/incoming)

iGOR Ports

iGOR uses several ports for internet communications. Some of these can be changed, others cannot.

IRC Chat
Port 6667 (TCP/outgoing) - cannot be changed.

IRC Ident Server
Port 113 (TCP/incoming) - cannot be changed.
It is not essential that this port is opened, but chat connections will be much quicker if you can open this port for incoming connections / add it to your port forwarding list.

Race List
Port 30197 (TCP/outgoing) - cannot be changed.

Remote Hosting Client
Port 30196 (TCP/outgoing)

GPL Ports

By default, GPL uses the following ports:

Port 6970 (UDP/outgoing) - used by GPL to broadcast the status of the races to the RaceList server.
HOWEVER, iGOR changes this port to 30199 (UDP/outgoing) to keep the range of ports required by iGOR to a single block (30196-30199).

Port 6971 (UDP/incoming) - used by GPL for ping responses. Not used by iGOR

Racing Connections
Ports 32766-32786 -- 21 in total (UDP/incoming)
Details: 32766 is used for incoming connections, 32767-32786 are used for existing connections to each individual client.


The WORLD of Grand Prix Legends

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